Requirements Management System



Developing large software systems is getting increasingly complex. Especially during maintenance and the development of enhancements, it is difficult to ensure a complete implementation of the original and evolving requirements.

JEREMIA helps during system development and enhancement with tracking the requirement changes throughout the systems lifecycle, development artifact by development artifact.

With JEREMIA you can capture your requirements, analyze and classify them. You can link requirements, so that it is possible to trace requirement changes from requirement to requirement.

JEREMIA comes with a set of process oriented standard documentation templates. Your captured requirements are automatically included into this documentation. It is possible to export the documentation for further print processing to XML-DOCBOOK format.

The requirements and requirement documents are stored within a database. Currently JEREMIA supports MySQL databases.



24. February 2003

The installation description has changed. Please use the installation description as displayed on the website and not the description from the installation package.